Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Personal crisis or major life change
  • Difficulties from the past
  • Dissatisfaction or worry about work or the quality of life
  • In need of understanding or support
  • Lack of self-esteem or low self-confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Worried or unhappy about relationships
  • Feelings of isolation or hopelessness
  • Bereavement or other loss

At some time in life, many people experience emotional difficulties they feel unable to deal with. One-to-one counselling can often help at these times, when a space and an opportunity is given to explore thoughts and feelings in a confidential, safe and supportive environment. Counselling might involve a few sessions over a period of weeks, or a longer relationship over many months.

Individual counselling often helps to:

  • Re-evaluate beliefs and feelings
  • Release blocked potential for dealing with problems and challenges
  • Bring about change and a fresh outlook on life.

There are some issues which require more specialist support which our counsellors are not currently able to provide, this includes:

  • drug or alcohol addiction
  • use of violence or control
  • experience of hearing voices 

There are specialist support agencies which can help with these issues, ask your GP for more information.

Anything disclosed in counselling will remain strictly confidential. The exception to this would be if the counsellor is concerned that there is a serious risk of harm to the client or others, or if we are legally obliged to provide the information.

All our counsellors are either fully trained or final year Diploma level counselling trainees who work within professional codes of practice and receive regular supervision.

We are a charity providing affordable counselling to adults in Devon.  As we don’t get funding elsewhere we do need to ask each client to contribute towards the cost of the sessions.  We have a sliding scale of payments, we charge £10.50 per session for those who are on basic benefits or very low wages.  When people are earning or have other income we charge £16 – £35 per session according to ability to pay.  We will talk this through with you when you register and agree an amount.  We aim to keep our costs affordable but will need to raise prices occasionally, we will give notice of any changes.

We have counselling sessions from Monday to Thursday, with evening sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for people who work. 

We ask everyone to call our Centre to register, we will take your details and put you on our waiting list.  When we have an appointment for you we will call to give you details. We usually have little notice of forthcoming vacancies and so sessions are usually offered within a few days up to two weeks.  We are not usually able to give more notice of forthcoming appointments.

We are currently managing a long waiting list and need to ensure that the list is up to date. If we offer you two appointments and have no reply from you we will assume that you no longer want counselling and will take you off the waiting list.

Equal Opportunities:

Awareness of equal opportunities is an integral part of the service we offer.

Complaints Procedure:

We aim to provide the best possible service for our users and are happy to receive feedback and suggestions.  You can use the email below to pass on your suggestions or to ask for a copy of our complaints procedure, just email